A little hiccup, but it’s all good!

September 2—DAY TWO

Distance Today:                      61.37kms

Total to date:                          105.77kms

Destination Equivalent:          Near Port Credit, Ontario

Weather:                                 Cool and sunny, brisk wind from the NNW at 39kms/hr

Route Map:                            


I bit off more than I could chew today. I wanted to get to Grimsby along the lake route. Fell quite a bit short. Forgot my granola bars. Really stupid for a four-hour ride with no breakfast! But I perked up at the thought of a Tim Horton bagel, only to realize I forget my mask, too…

Oh well, good learning experiences all around.

Interesting observation: there are a lot more blue election signs out there than there are red. Could happen for a bunch of reasons, but still, it may be an omen.

After receiving my first blog yesterday, sister Terry sent along a list of corrections and good ideas. Isn’t that just like a big sister?

I always seem to forget the full name of our local palliative care service. It is, in fact, Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Palliative Care Service (NOTLCPCS). Quite a mouthful—I always forget “community”.

It is a really wonderful organization helping provide end-of-life care to both patients and their families. To find out more, find: www.notlpc.com. Well worth the wander.

Also, the fundraising effort we are all a part of is mounted by The Healing Cycle Foundation (www.healingcycle.ca). The Foundation is a virtual, volunteer-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting hospice palliative care units across Ontario.

Always the marketer, Terry also wants me to make a pitch for my Santa visits. (After all, that’s really where Santa for Palliative Care persona comes from. Each December, I don a more recognizable red suit for virtual and live visits to families and businesses around town. The visits raise additional funds for all the great things the organization does. Find: www.vimeo.com/488140798 for look at how much fun it is.

So, tomorrow, I’m going to lick my wounds and just try for 40kms or so. It is supposed to be another nice day, with brisk winds out of the north again. I’ll probably just ride south on Concession 1, returning, after a bit of a wander, along Progressive (Concession 2). Maybe see you along the way.

Thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

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