Overcoming the early aches and pains…

September 3—DAY Three

Distance today:                      45.24kms

Total to date:                          151.01kms

Destination Equivalent:          Bluffers Park, Scarborough Bluffs, East Toronto

Route Map:                            

Weather:                                 Cool clear–beautiful day; brisk North wind


Really an uneventful ride. I was pleased, particularly after how crummy I felt yesterday. It helped that I remembered the granola bars. And didn’t lose my way!

From here on, I’ll be following the North shore of Lake Ontario, virtually hugging the shoreline toward Prince Edward County

It’s great to be slightly ahead of the average I need to get to Quebec City by the end of the month. But I’ve done this before and I know that buffer can disappear in no time—broken bike, bad weather, recovery days.

If anyone wants to join all or part of a ride with me, just call 905-468-2536 a couple of days ahead. We can work something out. I’d love the company.

For more information on NOTLCPCS find: www.notlpc.com.

On the Healing Cycle: www.healingcycle.ca

On donating: https://my.crowdchange.ca/i0kprj.

Thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

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