My first day with a peloton…

September 4—DAY Four

Distance Today:                      45.05kms

Total to date:                          196.06kms

Destination Equivalent:          Lakefront Park West, Oshawa

Route Map:                            

Weather:                                 Wonderful day. Sunny and only a hint of a south wind. Perfect.

Patrick, Danielle and Santa


A soon as I asked for company yesterday, I got a call from Patrick and Danielle Bourk (Patrick is Larry and Joan’s son) asking if they could come along. It’s apparent that Patrick is an avid rider. When I was puffing, he was just coasting along. Danielle has just started riding seriously and pushed us along nicely when she was in the lead.

They ride mostly around Toronto and points north, so they appreciated the flat, scenic terrain around our neck of the woods. Danielle is a professional sommelier and teacher, so we talked wine and local wineries for a lot of the outing.

We stopped for iced coffee at will near the end of the ride. Nice change. Good conversation.

I messed up my tracking app again today, adding an extra 20 minutes or so to the time, but the distance is correct. Still keeping above the average I need to make it to Quebec City by the end of the month.

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Santa for Palliative Care

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