A tale of two halves…

September 8—Day 7

Distance:                                 62.41 kms

Total to date:                         347.1 kms

Average per day:                    49.57 kms

Destination Equivalent:         Wellington, Ontario; Prince Edward County

Route Maps (same day):       

The first half of the ride
…and then the second half.

Weather:                                Brisk WSW wind. (I’d like to stop saying brisk!) Clear shies until last half kilometre. Angry skies ahead.

Look for the red-breasted, ruby-crowned, Kilometre-Sucker on byways near you.


Stupid me. I stopped for a rest at Henry of Pelham Winery. And proceeded to push the stop tracking button. Ugh. That’s why there are two maps!

After a do-nothing day yesterday, I felt quite good today. Longest day yet. And, for the distance, the fastest time.

I thought a lot about how I want the next few weeks to go. I think I will generally try to ride six days on and one day off. Except tomorrow, I really want to play golf with the Thursday crew. So npt back until Friday.

Kathy and I cancelled our trip out west, planned for three weeks in October. Really disappointing. We’d love to see Geoffrey and Lynda. But the Covid-scape has sapped our confidence. I guess I could just ride more kilometres!

For more information on NOTLCPCS find: www.notlpc.com.

On the Healing Cycle: www.healingcycle.ca

On donating: https://my.crowdchange.ca/i0kprj.

Thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

One thought on “A tale of two halves…

  1. Well Done YOU !!!! I think we need to start calculating in “Santa Miles” – I think you might have already made it half way across the ocean – keep your chin up LOL – Love and hugs


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