I can almost see Quebec…

September 13—Days 10 & 11

Distance for both days:         87.15 kms

Total to date:                         571.95 kms

Average per ride:                   52.0 kms

Destination Equivalent:         Morrisburg, ON; within hailing distance of Cornwall.

Route Maps:                           Day 10

                                                DAY 11


Wet weather Sunday. But very light winds from the North and West, today. Just enough to keep the bugs off. Mostly clear, but a little Nova Scotia Sunshine for a few minutes.


It was an odd couple of days, after my long ride Saturday. I was tempted not to ride at all yesterday, but felt guilty. So after celebrating daughter Kate’s 45th birthday, at Revalee in Vineland, I went out on a short ride and got absolutely soaked! Complete downpour. But it didn’t last long. I was almost dry by the time I got home.

This morning, I was determined to keep my average ride over 50 kms a day—it’s now 52. For a weekend biker, I’m pleased that my body hasn’t bailed on me…yet.

I’m starting to get bored with my regular routes. So I’m planning a couple of rides in other parts of Southern Ontario. I’ll ride from Port Maitland to NOTL on the Welland Canals Trail, sometime this weekend. And on the Cambridge to Paris Trail early next week. I’d love to have company and/or suggestions about what would be a good ride.

Kathy and I are even considering driving to Quebec City so my final outing will actually take me to the Plains of Abraham.

Important Notice: On Saturday, September 25, local dignitaries, and Healing Cycle supporters will take a leisurely ride around town to highlight the wonderful work of our own Community Palliative Care Service. One gang will power a Pedal Pub cycle and the rest of us will follow behind. It’s certainly will be more symbolic than energetic—just six kilometers. Come out, make a small contribution, ride along and help bring attention to the cause. Meet at Pedal Pub on Mary Street at 9:00am.

For more information on NOTL Community Palliative Care Service, find: www.notlpc.com.

On the Healing Cycle: www.healingcycle.ca

On donating: https://my.crowdchange.ca/i0kprj.

Thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

2 thoughts on “I can almost see Quebec…

  1. We are so incredibly blessed by you Tim Taylor. Santa for Palliative Care couldn’t ring more truth. You have been gifting us with your time and your energy and most importantly your spirit for years. The donations you bring into our NOTL Community Palliative Care Service are a tremendous support for our programming and our clients. Dying is still living, living WELL until last breaths. You are helping us to help others, making that statement a reality.
    From all of us at NOTL CPCS -THANK YOU!


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