Two strong days–we’re closing in…

September 19—Days 14 and 15

Distance on Day 14:               44.1 kms

Distance on Day 15:               71.51 kms

Total to date:                         821.45 kms

Average per ride:                   54.76 kms

Destination Equivalent:         Granby, PQ

Tech Support for Day 15:       Ginny and Paul Green

Ginny and Paul–great supporters

Route Maps:                           Day 14

                                                Day 15


On Saturday (Day 14), there was a funny NW wind; 20+ km/h; partly cloudy; a few rain drops.

Sunday (Day 15) was a bear, sunny but constant east wind directly in my face the entire ride.



Just a routine journeyman ride, between two very long days. Nothing spectacular.


Once again, the Greens stepped up as the technical team, ensuring I got to Port Maitland on time and to the best spot to start the ride. Ginny was very thoughtful: “Are you sure you want to start here—it’s in the middle of nowhere.” And she made sure I had my mask in case I needed a Tim Horton’s break (actually it really was the middle of nowhere, there were no TH’s).

For the first time I started on gravel; not my favorite pastime. The first 30 kms followed an original Welland Canal feeder waterway, now stagnant and weed strewn. But the road was quiet, straight, and flat…

Also, for the first time, I experienced a brisk headwind, in my face for the entire 70+ kms. And I got lost on the trail through and around Welland. In fact, Google Maps took me on roads that didn’t exist!

It feels good that Quebec City gets closer every day. I’m now wandering through the Eastern Townships. Ginny asked me to remind everyone that the distances I am calculating are based on using as many bicycle trails as the system can find. The trip would be almost 100 kms shorter by car!

Thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

For more information on NOTL Community Palliative Care Service, find:

On the Healing Cycle:

On donating:

Important Notice: On Saturday, September 25, local dignitaries, and Healing Cycle supporters will take a leisurely ride around town to highlight the wonderful work of our own Community Palliative Care Service. One gang will power a Pedal Pub cycle and the rest of us will follow behind on bikes. It’s certainly will be more symbolic than energetic—just six kilometers or so. Come out, make a small contribution, ride along, and help bring attention to the cause. Meet at Pedal Pub, on Mary Street at 8:30am on the 25th.

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