My first heavy rainfall…

September 22—Ride 17

Distance:                                 46.62 kms

Total to date:                         908.95 kms

Average per ride:                   53.47 kms

Destination Equivalent:         Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton, PQ–just 100+kms to go!

Route Map:                           


Rainy, cold and windy. Not much more to be said.


I took September 21st off. I was just too pooped to pedal.

Turns out it was a smart idea. I felt good yesterday (Ride 17) even though I had to dodge some pretty ominous dark clouds—not very successfully. Shivery and chilled when I got home.

Santa on a sunnier day!

I did a lot of thinking about how and when this odyssey will end. I will likely finish before the end of the month, but how to celebrate?

On Saturday, our grand-niece (the Terrys’ granddaughter), Isobel Chant, will be rowing for the Hanlon Rowing Club at a regatta in Welland. We’ll watch the race and then I’ll ride home. It may be my last official ride.

I’m taking today (the 23rd) off again. Not because I need to, but because I enjoy golf with Cal’s Crew every Thursday. Wish me luck. I’ll be back on the bike tomorrow.

Thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

For more information on NOTL Community Palliative Care Service, find:

On the Healing Cycle:

On donating:

Important Notice: On Saturday, September 25, local dignitaries, and Healing Cycle supporters will take a leisurely ride around town to highlight the wonderful work of our own Community Palliative Care Service. One gang will power a Pedal Pub cycle and the rest of us will follow behind on bikes. It’s certainly will be more symbolic than energetic—just six kilometers or so. Come out, make a small contribution, ride along, and help bring attention to the cause. Meet at Pedal Pub, on Mary Street at 8:30am on the 25th.

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