I can see the Plains of Abraham…

September 25—A two ride day…

Distance of Ride One:             23.25 kms

Distance of Ride Two:            47.21 kms

Total of Day’s rides:               70.46 kms

Total to date:                         1023.21 kms

Average per ride:                   53.85 kms

Remaining Distance:              7.79 kms

Destination Equivalent:         West end of Quebec City, nearing Plains of Abraham

Route Maps:                           Ride One

                                                Ride Two


The day dawned bright, sunny and windy—from the southwest. Perfect for Ride One. On the second ride, from the Welland Flatwater Course, I put up a sail! Felt great, until the downpour…


The Pedal Pushers gang–this year we’ve raised almost $20,000 for local palliative care services

Ride One–The Pedal Pushers event was fun. A dozen or so dignitaries on the multi-bicycle and a few of us stragglers on bikes. Just a few kilometres, basically around the commons, with a final stop at Upper Canada Lodge, where the Ukesters entertained the residents and us with lots of toe-tapping songs.

Rob Jessup-Ramsey, a Healing Cycle rider and Foundation board member from Toronto, joined me after the group ride, on an extended cycling-saunter through the vineyards around town.

Even though they weren’t riding, Adrian Goldberg and Syme Jago are part of the Pedal Pushers effort. There sponsorship and their fan support at the Pedal Pushers ride event is appreciated by the entire team.

Ride Two—Isabel Chant (my great grand niece, daughter of Jennifer and Colin Chant) was rowing in her first regatta in Welland—the Five Bridges Head Race. It’s a grueling five kilometres with an equally grueling head wind, particularly in a double scull (two rowers, four oars). They looked like veterans out there. Way to go Izzy!

I can’t believe it! Isabel is taller than I am. And she is already, at 15, a much better rower than I ever was. Her former-rower-parents are tickled pink.
Isabel has a long tradition with Santa…

Anyway, that headwind proved to be my tailwind as I sailed home after the race.

As you can see, I’m almost there. Maybe I should have just kept going and finished the thing. But it was pouring. And somehow, I want to savour those last few kilometres. Tease them out, like the last few pages of a great book.

Thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

For more information on NOTL Community Palliative Care Service, find: www.notlpc.com.

On the Healing Cycle: www.healingcycle.ca

On donating: https://my.crowdchange.ca/i0kprj.

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