Thinking Things Through…

August 23, 2022–My Office at 17 Colonel Cohoe Street

Photo Above: Kathy and Terry help me celebrate the completion of my 2021 ride last September. The crowd was small, but the champagne tasted wonderful!

Frankly, I’m a little anxious about the ride this year. I have had only sporadic time on the bike this summer. And my energy and stamina have been well below my experience in recent years. The doctor thinks it may even be a bit of long Covid. I just poop out easily. Or I could be 73!

Anyway, I’m committed to trying to complete a new route this year. I discovered The Island Walk, a new 700 Kilometre trail along the byways and shorelines of Prince Edward Island. It’s built for walking but okay for cycling, too.


I’ll ride around here, as I did last year, for the first part of the September, logging my distance against the map of the Trail in PEI. Then, late in the month, Kathy and I will haul my bike to PEI, pick up the trail at the appropriate point and finish the ride.

Should be fun seeing the looks the red-suited Santa for Palliative Care gets in PEI!

Getting ready for the PEI ride

When we’re finished there, we’ll spend a few days with old friends in Nova Scotia and return home to gear up for Santa’s December activities.

So wish me luck.

Better yet, ride with me around here, almost any day in September. We can chose a route that fits your comfort level. Four or five days last year, I had a peloton with me. Much more fun than slogging along by myself…

Here’s the link to the Niagara on the Lake Community Palliative Care Service and all the great things they do:

And here’s the connection to my Healing Cycle fundraising website:

Thanks for caring.


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