Inching up the west coast of PEI…

September 9

Number of rides to date:                               4

Distance of rides since last blog:                   78.25 kms

Total to date:                                                 172.67

Average per ride:                                           43.17              

Remaining Distance:                                      527.33

Average Speed:                                              17.9                

Destination Equivalent:                                 Completed Section 8 of the Trail, inching up the west coast toward North Point Light Station

Ride Three


That pesky northeast wind was at it again. But sunny and great cool temperature.


I wasn’t even sure I had the time or the energy to ride. After a bunch of minor medical things for both Kathy and me, I decided even a short ride was a good idea. Interesting note. In our local mayoralty campaign, Zalepa is winning the sign fight. His winning edge? He has more signs on private property, showing both awareness and endorsement. But it’s a long campaign.

I’ll have to find something more interesting to think about…

Ride Four


Actually, the best weather day yet. Warm, fairly light winds. Still from the northeast, though.


To overcome my boredom, I rode back and forth across the peninsula, from the Parkway to the Townline, each leg a little closer to home. When I conceived of the PEI Island Walk ride to support palliative care, I really thought I would be able to ride it all on the Island. But September became a busy month. PEI has become further and further away.

The result? I’m riding over the same old roads I’ve been covering for a long time. It kind of takes the energy out of the exercise.

So, I need stimulation. New routes. New people. Send along your ideas!

Where are we on PEI?

We’ve completed eight sections of the trail, taking us through some wonderful sights up the west coast of the province, often using the well-known Confederation Trail. We’ve reached the tiny community of Miminegash, about 30 kms south of the northernmost tip of the Island.

We still have a long way to go!

Everyone’s support has been so heartening. We’ve reached our preliminary goal of $5,000.

And great news, a donor is matching the team’s fundraising up to $25,000! So that means we’ve raised $10,000!

Thank you for all your support. And thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

For more information:

On NOTL Community Palliative Care Service, find:

On donating: Santa for Palliative Care | The Healing Cycle Foundation (

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