Easterly through Summerside

September 14

Number of rides to date:                               7

Distance of rides since last blog:                   142.98 kms

Total to date:                                                 315.65

Average distance per ride:                               45.09  

Remaining Distance:                                      384.35

Average Speed:                                              18.3 km/h                   

Destination Equivalent:                                 Just past Miscouche in the 14th segment (of 32) of the Island Walk; a few kms west of Summerside

Ride Five


Rain, rain and more rain. But it is good practice for what we might find in PEI later in the month. Soft winds from the south and perfectly cool.


I survived the rain. I didn’t shiver too much but the hot shower at the end was so satisfying.

Ride Six


Weather was OK. But I dragged my way around the circuit. Any shorter and I might as well have stayed home.


I’m getting feedback that some readers don’t understand this year’s riding strategy. So…here’s the plan:

Up to and including September 25th, I will ride as often as my body and crowded calendar allows around the Niagara Peninsula. I look for the flattest terrain and strongest home-bound winds. To measure my virtual progress in PEI, each ride I map the distance against the actual Island Walk. On the 25th, after the Bourk’s 60th anniversary party (wow, is that possible?) Kathy and I are driving to PEI, with my bike in the back. That leaves me three days to complete the Island Walk, starting from the waypoint that is equal to what I’ve done in Ontario. I anticipate we’ll start about waypoint kilometre 580, with 120 or so to finish in the final three days of the month. The only thing that will stop me is too much lobster!

Ride Seven

Technical Team for Ride Seven:           Ginny and Paul Green

Ginny and Paul Green at Dofasco Park in Stoney Creek, start of Ride Seven.


Bright, sparkling day. Coolish, with very strong westerly winds.


Sometimes I think I’m smarter than I look. Case in point, today’s ride. When I heard the prediction of very strong winds from the west, I immediately got on the phone with my volunteer technical directors, Ginny and Paul Green, who graciously agreed to drive me to a starting point in Stoney Creek. The resulting tailwind was heavenly. In fact, I couldn’t have finished over 65 kms without them (both the Greens and the wind).

Where are we on PEI?

Figuratively, we’ve completed 14 sections of the trail, taking us through some wonderful sights up and down the west coast of the province. We’ve just passed the small town of Miscouche, almost within hailing distance of our second pass through Summerside.

We still have a long way to go!

Everyone’s support has been so heartening. We’ve reached our preliminary goal of $5,000.

And great news, Reiner Hummel, is matching the team’s fundraising up to $25,000! So that means we’ve raised $10,000!

Thank you for all your support. And thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

For more information:

On NOTL Community Palliative Care Service, find: www.notlpc.com.

On donating: Santa for Palliative Care | The Healing Cycle Foundation (crowdchange.ca)

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