Along the beaches of PEI’s north shore…

September 18

Number of rides to date:                               9

Distance of rides since last blog:                 85.16 kms

Total to date:                                               400.81

Average per ride:                                           44.53  

Remaining Distance:                                    299.19

Average Speed:                                              18.5 km/h                   

Destination Equivalent:                                 Just east of Delvay by the Sea (see: The Island Walk Map – The Island Walk; Waypoint 18)

Rides Eight and Nine


The weather was wonderful both days. Clear, cool and almost no wind.


I’m really starting to feel quite good. If only I had more days to complete the ride. Our drive to PEI takes a chunk and there are only a few more days available here.

I had a funny moment around the Friday ride. Going to bed on Thursday, I looked at the Weather Network to find the wind predictions at 60km/h, well above my capability. So, I warned Kathy I would need a ride to the west so I could at least have wind at my back for some distance. When I checked the following morning before heading out, I realized I had been unwittingly checking the wind in Charlottetown! The weather here was perfect.

Oh, technology! You’d think I was a dumb old, white haired guy with a beard…

Where are we on PEI?

We’ve virtually completed 18 sections of the trail. We’re now heading west across the top of the province to places we know well. We’ve just passed the small town of Delvay by the Sea, almost directly north of Charlottetown. We’re over halfway!

Everyone’s support has been so heartening. We’re well on our way to making a significant contribution to the great work of NOTL Community Palliative Care.

Thank you for all your support. And thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

For more information:

On NOTL Community Palliative Care Service, find:

On donating: Santa for Palliative Care | The Healing Cycle Foundation (

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