We’ve reached Souris, all the way to the eastern shore

September 21

Number of rides to date:                               11

Distance of rides since last blog:                   130.85kms

Total to date:                                                 531.66

Average per ride:                                           48.33  

Remaining Distance:                                      168.34

Average Speed:                                              18.7 km/h                   

Destination Equivalent:                                 Reached Souris on the east coast (see: The Island Walk Map – The Island Walk; Waypoint 24)

Peloton and Tech Support                            John Roynon—peloton

                                                                        Terry Mactaggart—Uber driver to Stoney Creek

Rides Ten and Eleven+

I was lucky to get my tenth ride in. It rained heavily before I rode and heavily again as soon as I got home. Blessed, I guess. On Tuesday, I rode a short circuit with our neighbour John Roynon. Then my sister Terry drove me to Dofasco Park in Stoney Creek for the long ride home with the wind. Weather was fine with a brisk tail wind.


Riding with John was a pleasure. He and Jean spend the winters in Mexico, so it is often months between conversations. We spent a lot of time talking about the challenges of managing a laneway shared by 10 neighbours. Made the time speed by.

Having Terry shuttle me to the west, so I could take advantage of a tail wind, really helped. It was by far my longest two-piece ride of the year—and the fastest.

My goal is to complete about 580 kms in Ontario, leaving 120 to finish on the ground in PEI. Just one more ride on Friday to complete the Ontario goal. Then this Sunday we head out by car for PEI. We should have three good days of riding, Hurricane Fiona willing, finishing in Charlottetown on the 30th.

Where are we on PEI?

We’ve virtually completed 24 sections of the trail. We’ve reached Souris, around the easternmost point of the island and have begun winding our way down the coast. Pretty country.

Everyone’s support has been so heartening. We’re well on our way to making a significant contribution to the great work of NOTL Community Palliative Care.

Thank you for all your support. And thanks for caring.

Santa for Palliative Care

For more information:

On NOTL Community Palliative Care Service, find: www.notlpc.com.

On donating: Santa for Palliative Care | The Healing Cycle Foundation (crowdchange.ca)

One thought on “We’ve reached Souris, all the way to the eastern shore

  1. We will miss you today Tim, it’s ride day here in NOTL, our team is dealing with rain, but nothing like PEI. I hope you are able to finish your km’s after all. Think about all of the clients that will have a much end to their journey as a direct result of your efforts. THANK YOU, thank you “Santa for Palliative Care”


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