C’est fini!

September 28—Ride 20: La Ville de Québec Distance of final ride:             37.89 kms Total to date:                         1061.1 kms (30.1 kms beyond the goal) Average per ride:                   53.06 kms Average Speed:                      18.3 kms/h Destination Equivalent:         Oops! Overshot the Chateau Frontenac a bit… Peloton:                                  Ken Edwards—old biking buddy from Elora Route for entire journey: RouteContinue reading “C’est fini!”

I can see the Plains of Abraham…

September 25—A two ride day… Distance of Ride One:             23.25 kms Distance of Ride Two:            47.21 kms Total of Day’s rides:               70.46 kms Total to date:                         1023.21 kms Average per ride:                   53.85 kms Remaining Distance:              7.79 kms Destination Equivalent:         West end of Quebec City, nearing Plains of Abraham Route Maps:                           Ride One                                                Continue reading “I can see the Plains of Abraham…”

Blown away!

September 24—Ride 18 Distance:                                 43.8 kms Total to date:                         952.75 kms Average per ride:                   52.93 kms Remaining Distance:              78.25 kms Destination Equivalent:         Near Plessisville, PQ Route Map:                            Weather:                                Monstrous headwinds on the west and south legs. Raced ahead of a massive dark system that ended up passing us by. Otherwise sunny. Observations:Continue reading “Blown away!”

My first heavy rainfall…

September 22—Ride 17 Distance:                                 46.62 kms Total to date:                         908.95 kms Average per ride:                   53.47 kms Destination Equivalent:         Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton, PQ–just 100+kms to go! Route Map:                            Weather:                                Rainy, cold and windy. Not much more to be said. Observations: I took September 21st off. I was just too pooped to pedal. Turns out itContinue reading “My first heavy rainfall…”

Drafting Dave Antaya…

September 20—Ride 16 Distance:                                 40.88 kms Total to date:                         862.33 kms Average per ride:                   53.90 kms Destination Equivalent:         Near Drummondville, PQ Peloton:                                  Dave and Antaya Route Map:                            Ride 16 Weather:                                It was actually a perfect day to ride, if we didn’t have the easterly wind in our faces for long stretches. CoolContinue reading “Drafting Dave Antaya…”

Two strong days–we’re closing in…

September 19—Days 14 and 15 Distance on Day 14:               44.1 kms Distance on Day 15:               71.51 kms Total to date:                         821.45 kms Average per ride:                   54.76 kms Destination Equivalent:         Granby, PQ Tech Support for Day 15:       Ginny and Paul Green Route Maps:                           Day 14                                                 Day 15 Weather:                                On Saturday (Day 14), thereContinue reading “Two strong days–we’re closing in…”

I can almost see Montreal!

September 17—Day 13 Distance:                                 85.28 kms Total to date:                         705.82 kms Average per ride:                   54.29 kms Destination Equivalent:         L’Ile Perrot, Perrot Island, PQ Tech Support                         Terry-she Mactaggart (my sister). Route Map:                            Weather:                                Variable wind, lighter than the last ride on this trail; partly cloudy. Observations: Terry was good enough to take me downContinue reading “I can almost see Montreal!”

A day of good and bad…

September 15—Day 12 Distance:                                 48.59 kms Total to date:                         620.54 kms Average per ride:                   51.71 kms Destination Equivalent:         Just east of Cornwall, ON. Less than a day’s ride to La Belle Province! Peloton:                                  William Roberts, rector St. Mark’s, Port Hope and former rector of St. Mark’s, Niagara-on-the-Lake. Route Maps:                           Messed up the computerContinue reading “A day of good and bad…”

I can almost see Quebec…

September 13—Days 10 & 11 Distance for both days:         87.15 kms Total to date:                         571.95 kms Average per ride:                   52.0 kms Destination Equivalent:         Morrisburg, ON; within hailing distance of Cornwall. Route Maps:                           Day 10                                                 DAY 11 Weather:                                Wet weather Sunday. But very light winds from the North and West, today. Just enough toContinue reading “I can almost see Quebec…”

Almost Halfway to Quebec City!

September 11—Day 9 Distance:                                 91.54 kms Total to date:                         484.8 kms Average per ride:                   53.86 kms Destination Equivalent:         Rockport, ON; 20 kms east of Gananoque Today’s Route:                            Weather:                                Winds gusting to 60 km/h from the SW. Ouch… But it was a wonderful day. Observations: In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned Port Colborne as aContinue reading “Almost Halfway to Quebec City!”