Santa for Palliative Care

2021 Healing Cycle Odyssey

To support the Niagara on the Lake Palliative Care Service

We’re Underway!

September 1—DAY ONE

Distance Today:                      44.4kms

Total to date:                          44.4kms

Destination Equivalent:          Grimsby, Ontario

Weather:                                 Cool and cloudy, wind from the east at 39kms/hr

Great way to start. Off early so I can get Kathy to the x-ray/ultrasound. Sore wrists and bum. Otherwise feel pretty good.

Route Map:                            

Today, I started my 1000+ kilometre virtual cycle from Niagara on the Lake to Quebec City. Throughout September, I will be accumulating kilometres by riding throughout the Niagara region, returning each night to my own bed and Kathy’s ministrations. By September 30, I hope to be virtually standing on La Citadelle!

A number of supporters have asked for regular updates on my actual and virtual distances. If you want to come along for the ride, sign up to receive notification when I post a blog entry.

Nine years ago, my sister Terry Mactaggart, who was the administrator for the Niagara on the Lake Palliative Care Service, gathered a few local would-be riders and entered the Healing Cycle, then a one-day ride from a location in Brampton. Since then, riders have come and gone, but together we’ve raised close to 100,000 to support palliative care services in the community.

In 2020, the form of the ride changed. The pandemic forced the Healing Cycle Foundation to abandon a single ride in favour of community-based single and team rides, taking place during the month of September.

I’ll need to average at least 40kms on 25 days of the month. The 40kms are doable. But the almost 25 straight days could prove a challenge for my aging muscles. Recovery comes harder each year!

In many ways, I wish I was actually riding to Quebec City. Crisscrossing the Niagara Region for 1,000 kms will get pretty boring. I’ll try to hold my interest by plotting these sometimes blogs. And maybe take a few pictures.

Kathy has been a rock, supporting both my regular bike riding and the occasional crazy outing. She will ensure the gin is cold and the olives are plentiful when I hobble home each day.

I won’t push the donation part to hard. But if you haven’t supported the ride and wish to do so, please find

Wish me luck.

Santa for Palliative Care

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